Gym Renovation Update #3 – Tuesday

So far so good. The rest of the flooring was installed today in the new group area and slab room. And we got to walk on the finished surface in the office a little. I can’t wait to hear the feedback we get from those of you that have been climbing at the gym for years. Seriously, it could be dangerous while belaying because you’re going to be so fascinated with the floor – just staring at it – that you might have trouble paying attention to the climber you’re belaying.

Now we are moving the focus to getting the office completed. We’ve got only a few days to get it done.

Things are going to be a little behind on the slab room as we are waiting on a key component to making it climbable – HOLDS. Plus there is a little more work to be done on the remaining walls – need to drill a bunch of holes and set some belay anchors. So the slab room won’t be open by this Saturday – we should have it open in about 2 weeks.

No new pictures today but I’ll have some more tomorrow.