Happy Holidays from Rocktown

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rocktown gift card

Rocktown wishes you and yours a happy holiday season. Don’t forget that even though the weather is changing the climbing gym is still open year-round and is a perfect way to stay in great climbing shape. We have gone to great lengths to climate control the gym more this season – currently we have FOUR infrared heaters and soon we will have heaters in ALL the main silos! This is an investment to YOU, our climbers, to make it more comfortable through the Oklahoma winter season.

Also, a lot of you have been asking about ice climbing, “When are you going to do the ice climb?” Unfortunately, that’s not really something we can control. The best we can do is watch the weather and plan according to the forecast and approaching cold front systems. In order for us to farm ice it takes at least 3-4 full days of extremely cold (sub-zero) temperatures. In the past couple of seasons the coldest stretches have come in the January-February time-frame. We’ll keep an eye on the weather and if the opportunity presents itself we’ll turn the water on and hope for some ice to form. Along with the ice climb we will offer ice climbing classes as well. Just as with rock climbing at the gym, ice climbing requires special training so keep that in mind.

Finally, if you are looking for gift ideas this year consider getting a Rocktown gift card. Gift cards are good for anything at Rocktown including passes, climbing gear, rental equipment, classes, memberships, etc. The cards can be purchased through our online store or at the gym.